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Format: XSF

Name: X-window Crystalline and Structure Densities (XCrySDen) Structure Format

Extension: xsf

Specification: XCrySDen documentation

Visualization programs: VESTA, VMD, XCrySDen


Atomsk can read both periodic and molecular structures written in XSF format (see specification). For molecular XSF, since it contains no cell parameter Atomsk will try to automatically create a bounding box (this is identical to the option -rebox). Alternatively one can use the option -properties to set up the supercell parameters. If forces are present in the file, Atomsk will also read them.

When writing to XSF format Atomsk assumes periodic structure. If auxiliary properties exist, then only the forces (fx, fy, fz) are written.

If the file is an animated XSF file (which contains several snapshots) then only the first snapshot will be read and converted. To convert all the snapshots one can use the mode one-in-all. To create an animated XSF file one can use the mode all-in-one.


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