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Format: CFG

Name: AtomEye configuration file

Extension: cfg

Specification: AtomEye web page

Visualization programs: Atomeye, OVITO


Atomsk can read both standard and extended CFG formats. When reading CFG files, the atom masses are ignored (only atom species are used). Additional properties (so-called auxiliary properties of the CFG format) are automatically read by Atomsk, and passed to formats that support it (like CFG itself, or special XYZ).

When writing CFG files, Atomsk uses the extended CFG format which is admittedly less fat than the "standard" CFG format. As defined in the specification, positions of atoms are always written as reduced coordinates. The atom masses that are written are those of the most common isotopes as provided by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). When auxiliary properties are present, all of them are written to the CFG file.

Files in the CFG format can be visualized (e.g. with Atomeye or OVITO), and can also serve as input structure for the electron microscopy image simulation software QSTEM.


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